Blossom of Humanity !!

Spring is back with full bloom and blossom spreading its vibrant colours, fragrance and goodness all around the atmosphere. While the tiny insects, birds and animals welcome this phase change of nature with utmost care and diligence, making sure the beauty of nature remains pure, subtle and poise. The human beings, don’t seem to behave … Continue reading Blossom of Humanity !!

Our home extends beyond boundaries !!

When we indulge in something good for the humanity and our planet its really commendable and worth spreading. Miss Greta Thunberg, a 16 years old environment activist from Sweden who in August last year became the face of a 'school strike' outside the Swedish parliament building, has asked world leaders not to ignore the impending … Continue reading Our home extends beyond boundaries !!

Every wish gives you new wings !!

While floating on clouds is imaginary, floating on water is very much possible and it actually feels majestic and incredible too. Yes, swimming draws the right analogy to how it feels probably floating on the clouds. Having already lived thirty years of my life deprived from this incredible experience, this year in summer I hitched … Continue reading Every wish gives you new wings !!