About the author


Hi, I am Bindu Gurung, 31 years old, born and brought up in India. I am married (of course, love marriage) and I have an adorable 3 years old daughter.

I hold a very grounded heritage from my parents. My mother and father, both have emerged from very feeble backgrounds (were peasants in rural Nepal) and are the ideals of my life. I adorn the teachings & preaching of my parents in conduct of my life.

Being, dwelled up in India, the influence of its culture, traditions and spiritualism has earmarked my life to a great extent. I am really grateful towards the incredible culture and heritage this country bear and has spread worldwide towards the benefit of mankind.

I have always believed myself or just say, pretended myself to be the luckiest amongst the sisters (my 2 siblings). I believe that my parental genes always hyped me to be self-motivated and to do things satisfying my gut the most.

I am a left hander (people often remark it as a special gift from god, LOL). I really have great inclination towards creativity, art affairs, dance, music, crafting etc. which is definitely an advantage for my own amusement.

In this short innings of my life, from my experiences and encounters, I have realized some of the simplest and meaningful way of living life. I am still striving for betterment in my life and I wish, if, I could impart some happiness in others lives as well by deliberating these simple ways.

My friends, join me in this journey to unfold and reveal together, some simple and meaningful ways to our lives.

Life is a journey which shows us with many facets. However, our determination, our understanding and our believes can always make things work better than what it would have been.