Redefining urban living – a sweet home

Our longing for land (soil) is as strong as the same for air, water, fire and sky. But, gone are the days when, ample space was available for everyone to live like a king. At those times, most people used to occupy large chunks of land for their living and earning their livelihoods. Our generation is facing the music of today’s cruel work culture. For deriving a stable source of income most of the young generations are compelled to live away from their ancestral homes. This has given birth to the so called urban lifestyle. We all have tasted the flavor of urban lifestyle and can very well discern its deficiencies and brutalness. 


Whatsoever, our need for that cozy, beautiful and peaceful space will always be there which we call as the sweet home. Our own place to capture all the beautiful memories of our lives. A home is not just a basic requirement but a source to resonate positivity and strength into our lives. 


The intrinsic urge of our mind for such space, often causes mental suffering which in modern language is referred to as homesickness. The nostalgia of our childhood and teenage life at home keeps creeping our mind. We often suffer from the desire for break from work for visiting our parent’s place for purging out all such stresses.


Obviously, escaping from the demands of such predefined / pre-structured lifestyle, such as living in a nuclear family, living in small apartments / flats of a multi-storeyed buildings, commuting for hours to reach the workplace everyday, leaving young weaning children in creche or in the mercy of a babysitter etc. is not feasible for everyone. Thus, the only solution to mitigate the inherent stresses of our present lifestyle is to develop our current living space itself into our sweet home.


Though the constraint of limited space cannot be denied, but by following these welcoming tips we can make an attempt to rediscover the mighty space called sweet home, right here :

  1. We often pray for positive energy and good vibes to bestow our home and our life. Vastu science has been proven to be very helpful in attracting positive energy, good health and prosperity to any home. Thus, it is always beneficial to try out the basic tips of Vastu science in deciding the layout of a house. Even if not possible to follow from all aspects, at least we can try following as much as applicable to our present layout. 
  2. Try to accumulate less of the stuff. Our needs have no limit so it is always advisable to follow a minimalistic approach to living life. One very important thing we must remember is that the lesser the occupied space, the more is the space for fresh air. Thus, we can support a clutter free and a healthier life, too. When there is health, obviously, there is wealth and other great memories to witness.
  3. Instead of buying artificial flowers and plants made up of plastics which have nothing to contribute to our little space, try adding more and more of live green plants and herbs which can definitely help revitalizing our space with that desired dash of beauty, nature and a lot of re freshness.
  4. Light is one of the most important factors to life and thus, to our homes and its residents. Allow ample amount of natural light to enter your space. Light is the symbol of positivity and energy as well.
  5. Living in a nuclear family means, living away from your parents, relatives, childhood friends, etc. Never underestimate the thought of our forefathers who believed in living in a closed community of their siblings and their people. It is the need of our generation too. So always keep a humble and welcoming gesture to your neighbours and never abstain from providing the first helping hand to them at times of need because at far flung place our neighbours are our first relative.
  6. Mobiles give us the ease to contact and connect with people away from us, so don’t miss your home too much, just contact your parents, lovely friends and relatives over phone and share your joy with them.
  7. Do visit your hometown whenever you feel like and request your parents also to come to your place. This helps adding more beautiful memories to cherish forever at your place.

After all, home is the place that creates great memories, gives warmth, comfort and security. It’s the place that provides us the freedom to be naturally ourselves. Follow the above tips to rediscover your living space as a Sweet home. 

Love, laugh & live happily !!

Thank you !!



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