Blessed in the womb !!

Women are the blessed one’s for having the opportunity to make life inside them. She carries the baby in her womb for nine months with utmost care and precaution, waiting for the moment to welcome her little bundle of joy into this world. Of course, the journey of baby after birth is significant but the period of nine months itself when the baby is building up inside the mother’s womb is equally important in manifestation of that new life.


In many cultures, it is believed that the mother’s intentions, actions, affiliations, experiences, her lifestyle and emotions etc. impart great role in the making up of the attributes of the forming child. Even the scientists have revealed the impact of mother’s emotions on the fetus which are connected to each other through the placenta. The different emotional chemical fluids generated in the bloodstream of the mother carries those information to the fetus through the placenta. Thus, it can be inferred that for giving birth to a physically, emotionally and mentally healthy baby, mother’s state of health and emotion should be always placid and positive.


It is said that imagination has the power to create, cure and heal everything. Our strong imagination, whether conscious or subconscious, becomes manifestation and thus, part of our life. This powerful tool of imagination in positive direction can dilute the effect of every unwanted and undesired situation from our life, thus, making pregnancy a state of cheerfulness and ecstasy at all circumstances is totally under our control.


Some useful tips for imbibing positivism in our thoughts are:


  • Meditation : Find a corner at your home or outside the home where you can concentrate on your imaginations. Morning, when everyone sleeps is the best time to indulge in mindful meditation.


  • If waking up in the morning is not your cup of tea, then, the time when you lay in bed for sleep or just when you are about to get up in the morning is another great opportunity to dwell those positive thoughts of imagination.


  • Listen to soothing music or dance to the mild music that discovers your heart and help recalling those strong positive emotions.


  • Read good books of great personalities at times of leisure.


  • Engage in activities that rejoice you and keep your health in good condition.


  • Pamper and rejuvenate yourself by getting into some soothing and relaxing spa, nearby. It definitely helps to relax, recharge and let your worries and stress fall away.


  • Last but not the least is to love and admire whatever you are supposed to do.



It is the time to enjoy every moment, learn new things, read good books, soothe your tired body with some exclusive Spa treatment, get involved in mindful meditation of deep positive thoughts everyday, to welcome a new life in your world. Keep remembering that you are responsible for what you think and what you manifest day by day. At every moment of every day, your thoughts are creating your body and that of your baby.


Happy pregnancy !!

Happy motherhood !!

Happy new life  !!


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