My favorite workout !!

I have been quite frequently writing about the healthy habits and good lifestyle in my previous articles. I can’t deny the fact that I am a health enthusiast and a practitioner of healthy lifestyle. My appreciation for the healthy and mindful lifestyle, keeps my thoughts and action spurring around these topics, often. So, today, I am here with another article, advocating on swimming during pregnancy.


Pregnancy is a challenging phase for many of us as our body undergoes enormous irrevocable changes.  But, with regular dose of appropriate exercise, workout and yoga, we can definitely lessen the effects of pregnancy on our body and maintain the desired level of fitness, tightness of muscles and skin during and after the delivery of the baby. During pregnancy, our muscles and joints become tenderer and soft in preparation of childbirth. It renders our body tissues to become susceptible to injury and cramps, making the most of exercise, workout and even yoga postures unsuitable during this period.

Swimming has the exact right properties needed to support the need of exercise, relaxation and care for the softened muscles and joints during pregnancy. Not only the skilled swimmers but even those who are beginners or don’t know how to swim can also opt for swimming to release stress, get relief from body-ache due to the extra weight of pregnancy, relax their muscles and healthify their body.

Swimming is really soothing and relaxing to the body and mind. It is the only exercise which neither tend to overheat or sweat our body like any other exercise, nor it causes any injury to our muscles, as the surrounding water helps to support the extra weight and thus, acts as the life jacket throughout our workout.

During my  first pregnancy, I used to do prenatal exercises and basic yoga postures for maintaining the desired fitness for me and the growing baby. Though I used to enjoy those exercises (basically, light Jumba steps) but it also used to tire me, make me go out of breathe very frequently, leaving me exhausted at the end of the session. This time, I had low blood pressure issue during the first trimester. I started swimming around the end of the third month and I am still continuing it during my 6th month of pregnancy. It has not only helped me maintain good health, increase my overall stamina but also controlled my blood pressure.

Those who know swimming can very well manipulate breathing between the hand strokes in different styles, but breathing might proof to be really difficult for the beginners. Instead of gasping for every breath and feeling insecure for improper supply of oxygen to the growing fetus, I have a personal recommendation that can help eradicating the breathing issue entirely and one can enjoy swimming effortlessly. A snorkelling tube can be used to assist continuous breathing and without a moment breathlessness, our focus can be put entirely on swimming. This aid has proved to be very helpful for me to focus just on swimming. But, it’s totally an option and if you don’t think it’s of any help to you, you can try the other proven conventional swimming styles.


Truly speaking, swimming is much more than just an exercise. My love for swimming has grown even more strong for everything it has blessed on me. This is just my second year of swimming and I am still a novice in many swimming styles. But, I really enjoy swimming a lot and I am fetching its benefit in all possible ways.

Trust water !!

Trust yourself !!

Enjoy swimming forever !!


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