Air matters !!

No one of course feels positive hearing about getting their hands dirty but trust me the pleasure and satisfaction one gets after soaking their hands in the live soil while preparing their favorite plant and vegetation is immense and enduring.

We all desire the greenery to keep surrounding us which not only provides us shade, cool breeze, nature’s view, fruits and flowers but it also yields the most precious thing responsible for our healthy living, i.e., the fresh air to breathe. We all understand and value the air quality we breathe but the pressure of our present lifestyle is working all its way to negate our heartfelt desire for this beautiful nature.


Humanity is now drowning in its own created pleasure of comfort and leisure. Talking about all such things scare me a lot and it seem like consciously scratching the wound deeper and painful into lethal condition because our efforts to revive nature at one hand and to enjoy the comfort of present lifestyle at other hand are drastically contradictory. Under such circumstances, when the air quality has actually reached beyond our healthy permissible levels, we need to take serious efforts at least to make the air surrounding us at home and offices cleaner and healthier by planting environment friendly plants and trees in our living premises.

Like most of us, I am also fond of plants and trees and I am using the following outdoor and indoor plants at my home which really helped me not just feel better but to breathe better:

Outdoor plants:

Tulsi / Holy Basil :

I have ample number of tulsi plant at the entrance corridor which is fortunately nicely sunlit and airy. Tulsi has been used for thousands of years in Ayurveda for its diverse healing properties. We often consume one or two leaves of tulsi for keeping many respiratory and asthmatic disorders at bay. Concoction of tulsi leaves with few cloves and a small pinch of pepper powder works amazing during cough and cold. There are many more medicinal uses of tulsi for which in Hindu culture we regard tulsi plant as goddess and worship and water the plant daily without fail.


Aleovera also known as ‘plant of immortality’ is also popular among people for its healing properties. I am also a big fan of this succulent plant as without much care or attention it grows well outdoors as well as indoors. The gel extracted from aleovera leaf can be used for treating sunburn. Drinking two tablespoon of its juice every morning in empty stomach also benefits from many digestive and heart related issues.


The vibrant red flower of hibiscus is perfect in adding the tropical flair to ones garden. This is one of the most commonly grown plant in any Indian home. Its flower is considered auspicious and is offered to deity Durga during worship. Besides, its flower has some medicinal properties. Being rich in Vitamin C and minerals, the paste of its flower is superb for hair loss treatment and smoothening of hairs.

Money plant:

I have three beautifully grown vines of money plant. Two outside the house and one indoor. Money plant as the name suggest is popular as an influential plant to bring good fortune and prosperity to the owner. Whether it really brings lots of money like its spreading leaves or not, but it is sure to improve the air quality of the premises, at the same time, it has also been scientifically proven that money plants absorb radiation, thus, it is advisable to keep one plant near computer, TV or any wifi corner for getting rid of these invisible mind intruders/ stress creators.


I happened to own a lily plant when one of my neighbor moved to a different place leaving their few potted plants strangled outside. Most of his left out plants died in few months but the dried and withered lily again started blooming upon a few monsoon showers. I could not spare my attention from the abandoned plant and happened to adopt it into my small balcony garden. The lily plant needs the least care and every season its beautiful pink flowers bloom in my balcony bringing happiness on our faces.


Roses are the most loved and appreciated flowers among all other flowers. Different varieties, colours, texture and fragrance of rose, definitely make it one of the most popular flower across the world. I am also a rose lover and I own a beautiful pink rose plant. Rose plant definitely seeks for gentle care and regular watering and proper sunlight. The petals of homegrown / organic rose are also very helpful in exfoliating tanned and dried skin.

Bonsai Mango plant:

This season I also added a bonsai mango plant in my south facing balcony which is the definitely the best place for this new plant member. Though, I could not enjoy any mango this season from my little mango plant, but I am hopeful to enjoy a few mangoes in next season.

Betel plant:

My mother-in-law has recently gifted me betel plant. She owns a beautiful vine of betel plant at her own place and often gifts the potted betel plants to her neighbors and friends, whenever they ask for. Betel plant is an evergreen perennial, with glossy heart-shaped leaves and grows exactly in the same fashion as the money plant. Betel leaves are also medicinal in nature; cures blood sugar level and are good in treating digestive issues. Betel leaves are also used in every auspicious occasion and are served as a mouth freshener called pan.

Indoor plants:

Indoor plants don’t just provide a dash of nature with aesthetic touch at home but also bring in so much of rewards to our health. Most of the indoor plants help in cleansing of indoor air, removal of harmful and poisonous gases and also reduce excess Carbon dioxide during night time. Indoor plants in general require less water and depending upon the type of plant, they grow well in either low or medium exposure to light.

I have planted the following indoor plants in beautiful hand-painted earthen and ceramic pots:

  1. Areca plant:Areca-Palm-2-450w_grande.jpg


  1. Spider plant:plb409-gr_zoom.jpg


  1. Snake plant:mother-in-laws-snake-plant-400x600.jpg


  1. Croton:P1030081.jpg


  1. Rubber plant:main


  1. Fern:Botanique-Workshop_How-to-care-for-ferns_03_1024x1024.jpg


  1. Money plant:images


  1. Chinese bamboo:indexbamm


Plants bring the real peace, good health and happiness into our lives. The urban culture of living in flats / apartments, often detains us from nature. But, by planting a few outdoor and indoor plants, we can enjoy the forever connection with nature and also benefit breathing in the freshness.

Thank you !!


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