Plastic epidemic !!

I am not independent in many aspects of life; my existence is possible by virtue of many thousands of people I don’t even know. From the time I wake up in the morning till the time I go to bed at night, I depend on others for whole lot of things. As I keep on thinking holistically, my food, my clothes, my shoes, my dish wares, my bathing essentials, my grooming essentials, my gadgets, everything that I am using for living is grown, nurtured or made by someone. We usually take things for granted but without support from others, we really can’t afford living a great lifestyle of our desire.

Though we don’t always establish the effect of interdependence on every other factor of our life, but in the past few months I have realized how my effort to keep plastic pollution to minimal has not given me the desired results because I am not independent. I live in coexistence with others and their lifestyle. Just for instance, even if I use a cloth bag for storing the vegetables in fridge, even if I use my own cloth bags for buying veggies, fruits and other groceries, even if I avoid / reduce the consumption of packaged fast foods like chips, biscuits, cold drinks etc., even if I buy the basic groceries from local market that don’t use printed packaging and keep the cereals / pulses / flours and other stuffs in plain plastic that I can put into recycling, even if I don’t use single use plastics and try hard to avoid it, even if I do waste segregation and composting, until and unless, similar thought percolates to every individual somehow involved in my life, making a zero plastic contribution to mother Earth is impossible.


Almost every alternate year during the herald of the plastic ban movement in our country, I have observed a bitter conspiracy against the poor and inferiors. I feel cheated when I see small vendors and hawkers being fined for using plastic bags for selling their things during those few months of movement. We must mind it that these people buy plastic bags for the shameless customers who don’t bring their own carry bags from home and urge these small vendors for providing plastic bags or they just leave without buying any item. Isn’t it true that every stroke, every stunt and every punishment land on the poorest of poor people ? Whereas, the mega business players who are also the billionaires of world keep producing tonnes and tonnes of plastic for packaging of their products and making exclusive goods. They sell their lavish products packed under the layers of plastics to make it more exclusive, showy and expensive, too. Through big banner advertisements featuring popular actor and actresses in, they try to tempt us for buying their products. Unfortunately for many reasons, there is never any ban on their huge plastic production and use. But, the filthy truth of real cause of plastic pollution is swept under the carpet of economic growth, rise in country’s GDP and blah blah.

Besides, it is also the truth that over a few decades plastics have encroached wildly into the presence of natural / recyclable alternatives from our lifestyle as a cheap, versatile, light, tough and durable solution. Plastic industry persuaded the market on the deception that it can be recycled and reused. However, from the present situation, the truth is not hidden from any. In very simplest words, let’s understand the limitation of recycling property of the plastics; only soft and stretchable plain plastics can be recycled. But, after recycling for once or twice, during melting and remolding, the molecules of plastics bind stronger and become hard, prohibiting it from further recycling and thus, sooner or later becomes eligible for dumping as waste which never gets decomposed into earth or water. While, the plastics lingering in our ecosystem disintegrate into micro particles and contaminate our soil, water and food chain. We all are aware of the plastic pollution and we have facts of the gruesome concerns of continuing its usage.


Being the end users of any product, we become equally responsible for pouring in of plastics in our ecosystem. Abstaining ourselves from usage of single use plastics, plastics packaged products and plastic wares to the extent possible can save our planet. Our grandparents and even, our parents, lived most of their holistic life without plastics and enjoyed the beautiful nature much closer than us. We also must revive our lifestyle for our-self and the future generations to live a safe, healthy and happy life on this beautiful planet.

Let’s strive towards becoming plastic free again. I need your precious support for the cause because we are interdependent in many ways and so is this.

My genuine thanks to all !!

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