Blossom of Humanity !!

Spring is back with full bloom and blossom spreading its vibrant colours, fragrance and goodness all around the atmosphere. While the tiny insects, birds and animals welcome this phase change of nature with utmost care and diligence, making sure the beauty of nature remains pure, subtle and poise. The human beings, don’t seem to behave alike. It breaks my heart when I see elderly men and women hovering around these once abandoned plants and trees, intending for plucking and withering the nectar rich blossom.


This is the story from India where, people wake up as early as possible to pluck flower from all possible sources, whether it’s in somebody’s house fence, community park or even the roadside corridors. These people, consider them as the true devotees of god and think by donating these stolen flowers to their lord’s idol, they will conquer the world or get everything of their desire. I am not against any ritual or religion but I fail to understand why don’t they pick the fresh flowers fallen on the ground by wind and use it for their god after cleaning them in freshwater. The harsh behavior of these ruthless people towards these plants and trees during their battle for plucking every single flower is very difficult to ignore.


The sight I have mentioned above is very common in India and the act of these flower thieves has been continuing from decades without a sigh of abhorrence from common public. All such small and big incidents make what we are today, as the nation. We neglect a rickshaw puller from following the traffic rules, we ignore littering of disposals on road by the passerby using stall services during festivals, we ignore people damaging road, drain channels etc. for their personal functions, we ignore noise from neighborhood beyond the stipulated hours, we ignore people dumping garbage in the open space, we ignore people smoking in public place. We ignore every rubbish thing happening around ourselves and then, sit together questioning and arguing about people’s mentality and our rights and responsibilities.


All these small or big looking misconduct or exploitation of rules / regulations seem intolerable. My conscience often regrets ignorance of any of such misconduct. If these things also crunch your mind and soul, then, I understand we must speak louder about all such mischievous act. After all, we all learn from our mistakes. We, human beings are nice, gentle and caring from within. Our inner instinct is always pleasant and seek for happiness around. If, all these bad practices come to cease, we all will be able to share the real humanity of kindness, generosity, love, care and mindfulness like our ancestors.


I urge all my mindful readers to become the volunteers for clearing up the weeds of bad practices from the pure amber of humanity and make this world a better place to live for all of us.

Ameen !!


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