Let’s Balance for Better !!

With Women’s day around the corner, I could not stop my intent to pen down my version of this year’s theme of International Women’s day. Yes, ‘Balance for better’ has been identified as the theme for International Women’s day this year that aims at bringing gender equality through innovation, technology and e-smart solutions addressing the needs of men and women equally.


Balance is the need is our very existence and that of the whole universe, as well. Every single atom, its electron and even the very quark tend to attain balance in its existence for achieving the condition of stability. In our life’s context also when there is a balance, there is stability and thus, an opportunity to grow even better.
As we unwind the pages of history of human civilization it becomes evident that for eras, women remained deprived of their deserved dignity and many of their ethical rights were mercilessly ruined by the then, male dominant societies. For many generations, our gender underwent through untold hardships, struggles and prejudice within the imprisonment of the four walls of their house. Different cultures, race and religions subjected women to objectionable degrees of torment and sacrifices.
We are the privileged generation of 21st century witnessing the dawn of women empowerment bringing the much deserved equality with men. It would not be out of place to mention that over periods, many men equally contributed with their hand in hand support for the upliftment of women’s life in all fronts.
Well, all being said, though the doors of opportunity have opened equally for men and women without bias, but the constraints or in other words the responsibility that nature has destined for women are immense and thus, for woman at many facets of her life, establishing the desired balance between her work life and personal life becomes critical. Her aspirations at work front sometimes unwillingly tend to sacrifice some of the precious and monumental events of her personal life.
Nature has bestowed women with the responsibility to carve, mould and nurture the whole new generation. In a woman’s life, at some point of time, motherhood turns out to be the first most important responsibility. No mother would bear to compromise in the share of nourishment, care and the much intended love for their little one’s during the tenure of their growth and reception of wisdom which is but natural. But, early separation of mother from child or substitution of child’s requirement by any other means definitely would turn to be disadvantageous for the child’s desired wholesome growth. In a bigger perspective, it can implicate the straight downfall of humanity.

Thus, to preserve the future of humanity, this fact must be accepted with grace by all and without dishonoring a woman’s intent of her right to care for her child, this fact must be wholeheartedly welcomed universally. Because without fulfilling this very need the real balance for better cannot be achieved by both women and men in every facets of their life without compromising any.
Thank you and Happy Women’s day in advance !!

Stay strong, stay natural and stay blessed !!

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