Our home extends beyond boundaries !!

When we indulge in something good for the humanity and our planet its really commendable and worth spreading. Miss Greta Thunberg, a 16 years old environment activist from Sweden who in August last year became the face of a ‘school strike’ outside the Swedish parliament building, has asked world leaders not to ignore the impending consequences of runaway climate change. When the world’s great bussinessmen, economists, politicians and even the common people were busy with their priorities of life without solacing a damn thought about the environment, Miss. Greta’s humble voice turned out to be the loudest and most purest in air.

I hope to find millions of such great voices among us to treasure the serenity of Earth and its resources.

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Our beautiful blue planet has rich flora and fauna, weaved placidly together to support and flourish from each others presence; humans being the most intelligent and superior amongst all. Despite being the most intelligent, as we exclaim, none of the Earth’s creature cause any harm to Earth but the bitter truth is that we humans are wholly and solely responsible for extinction of life on Earth.

Recently as I was digging a wild plant (Touch-me-not) for some use, just outside the fence of someone’s house, within the layer of soil I encountered the remains of incandescent bulb’s base screw and some fine glass pieces that will remain intact in nature for a million year or so because that’s how long it takes to disintegrate. But, it is no surprise that most of us dedicate good amount of time, labor and money to keep our home ultra neat & clean and let every useless stuff go outside, without a wink of thought about its interference with the nature.

We must take off the veil of fake paradise of confinement from our mentality. Every human must understand and realize that the four concrete walls with doors and windows do not form a home, but the whole world is our beautiful home and all its creatures including us, are its guardian.

If we cannot idealize our lifestyle in stringent ways, at least we must take responsibility of our own wastes. Once we start doing that we can realize the amount of wastes we generate on a daily basis and hopefully, adopt some minimalist approach to living a mindful life.

Honoring the cue of moment, let’s again adopt those neglected nature based alternatives to our lifestyle for leading a healthy and safer life:

  1. Twigs (datoon) of Neem and Babool tree! Not just our ancestors but even today, many mindful people love using twigs to combat oral diseases that even does not need a toothpaste. Double saving and double caring.
  2. Dried out cucumbers or summer squash form beautiful natural sponge and can be used for multiple household cleaning chores as well as for gentle bathing.
  3. Wooden comb are not only beautiful & elegant but also helps de-tangling hairs much smoothly and comfortably.
  4. Disposal plates made up of leafs are the option, if you are tempted to use disposals, anyhow. However, even better option now available would be to use edible cutlery that will not even require disposal but can be wholly eaten away with nutritional benefits to our health.
  5. Instead of using the single use plastic wrappers to gift things to your beloved one’s, fabric wrapping is far adorable and Eco-friendly too. Furoshiki (Japanese fabric wrapping technique) can be adopted to stir in more love and blessings to our loved ones and to mother Earth.
  6. Instead of using chemical based fertilizers and pesticides for growing food and cursing our deteriorating health, we must adopt using compost, animal manure, Panchgavya solutions, Jeevamutra, Amudham solutions etc. which are purely organic and nourishing to the plant as well. For more details on the recipes of these organic solutions : Click here.

Without our joint effort towards conserving nature, it would only be a dream for our future generations to witness the true beauty of nature and enjoy happy and healthy life.

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Let’s together preserve & carve the beauty of mother nature for our future generations safe and deserved living.

Thank you !!


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