A summon for Earthlings !!

Time flies and none of us is oblivious of this fact. We admire and respect punctuality because we know the value of time. It is as precious as our every breathe.


Being living in the 21st century of AIs; equipped with much more complex & sophisticated technologies, our generation is rejoicing the most comfortable livelihood that has ever been experienced by any generation on this planet. Despite of the magnitude of comfort from these alluring latest technologies, networks and hi- fi gadgets around us, we still seem to be desperately craving for time and space for our physiological well being and happiness.

In fact, we have been the most busiest generation too with hopeless goals working freakishly at the cost of benign nature. The fantasies we have sprawled around ourselves is more like a mirage. The high-tech lifestyle has shifted our outlook for happiness from inwards to sassy, but fragile outwardly charm.

Just for instance, I recall the days from my childhood when my parents used to buy clothes for us during Dussehra (a Hindu festival of victory of good over evil) which used to be the only time we were gifted with new clothes, other than our birthdays, if so. Just one pair of clothes per year, but the happiness used to be immense and definitely priceless. Now, even as we buy the whole wardrobe in one shopping and buy another lot of cloths the other month to stay by the latest fashion (not just an apprehension but the truth of our generation), we remain unhappy and unsatisfied. I have set this simple example but there are a lot and a lot of discrete references from our past that have now been distorted, stretched and deformed in search of ecstasy. But, the latter seems to be running even farther from us.


The amenities we have crafted and created in search of our deceptive pleasure are also as short lived as the momentary happiness experienced upon using them.  But, we forget the mammoth burden of wastes generated that ultimately fates cremation on Earth. Well, Earth will digest everything that has been created using its own constituents but the time lapse  required would be enormously long and painful for everything and everyone of us.


We must think mindfully once again and stop every such unethical and unhealthy practices right now. Because :

”Less is always beautiful and admirable. More is ugly and rather devastating. ”

Thank you !!


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