Goodbye 2018, Welcome 2019 !!

As the year 2018 is all set to bid goodbye from our lives, leaving behind some sweet and sour memories to treasure, we all are excited to welcome yet another new year to thrive on our new dreams, new aspirations and new endeavors. The excitement to welcome new year of new beginning and new hope is worthy but, before moving on, I just want to thank all my lovely readers, followers and friends for their love, support and  appreciation that always encouraged me to carry on.


I must surrender that I had never ever even in my dreams thought about playing with words to articulate my views and perception about what I know. But, the year 2018 coined me with this new aspiration (boosted by friends and family, of course) and without giving a second thought I channelized it through blogging. I am happy that I could share my thoughts this freely to the world.

So, on this occasion of warm farewell to the year 2018, I have penned down some of my small and big achievements of the passing year. I am not doing it to imply I am special but to allude that anyone can achieve their set goals with determination and take life to level next. Here, I go :

  • Meditation has become an integral part of my life. At the beginning, I was quite puzzled about the method of meditation. But, now I have understood that it is as simple as breathing. Conscious breathing in and breathing out are itself meditation. So, anyone can mediate, at anytime, anyplace, irrespective of any constraints of lifestyle, as we cannot live without breathing.
  • Apart from meditation, I follow my daily routine with morning workout. My workout regime has have to be short and effective so I tried to collate different proven core exercises and developed my own version to extract maximum benefit for me. I was determined to get a flat and stiff belly by the year end but various lapses from my end proved me wrong here. Yet, I am very hopeful to achieve it next year or so. I will keep chasing my dream.
  • I learnt swimming during the summer this year. It was one of my childhood dream and accomplishing it now was really an amazing experience. Because of this additional attribute, I could enjoy my holidays in Thailand to its fullest. Whenever I get an opportunity to play like a mermaid, I do it amusingly.
  • Blogging !! The idea of blogging was not at all in my wish-list 2018 but all of a sudden I decided it and with the valuable assistance of my husband I started blogging my ideas from 25th March 2018 and I could accomplish writing 16 articles till date.
  • My year 2018 began with another new thought which completely changed my thinking about the nasty feelings associated with menstruation. I made a wise choice of using menstruation cup over the dominating sanitary pads since January’ 2018. Today, I can proudly say that I am extremely happy about this out of the box thinking. It is not just economical, but it’s environment friendly too.


  • We all think about our environment and its protection every year or so but then, we stop caring about our own generated everyday wastes and its bad impact on nature. I have made choice of living a better life with nature, taking responsibility of my own wastes, minimizing the use of single use plastics, disposables, following waste segregation at my home, recycling of dry wastes and composting of the wet wastes. The wet kitchen waste prove to be rich source of nutrients to the soil. I am happy with my investment for a better surrounding and hopefully a better life for the future generations too.

So, it was my list of accomplishments which I endeavor to take to level next in the coming years.

Without a destination, we can be easily lost somewhere in the horizon but with a defined destination, certainly we can reach our destiny someday.


Thank you and Wish you all a very happy, healthy, prosperous and a meaningful new year !!


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