We belong to Earth, we care for Earth !!

We hear a lot from all kind of resources about the environmental issues, but, how many of us sincerely act for its protection ? Instead, someone doing a bit at his conscience is often demurred and condemned behind back citing him as a limelight seeker or an extremist.  

city-2462053_1920 (1)

Despite the sigh of worry for our future generation’s fate on Earth, we are happily whooping mother Earth with poison without hesitation.

Our mindset have been developed to nestle in the fake paradise of materialism, seeking further comfort of ignorance bereaving the real facts with reel pleasure.

We acclaim ourselves to be the most intelligent creature on this planet, but, do you at all agree that any intelligent creature would destroy his own abode and welcome all sorts of menace for the whole generation of his species and that of others. But, sadistically, mankind has proven to be that worst dictator who has been behaving alien on this planet. As if, he is looting some neighbor’s home and is planning to flee after sucking all its resources.

Is there any end to the level of comfort, satisfaction and pleasure we are seeking at the cost of mother Earth’s serenity and that of it’s poor innocent creatures ? When will we say, now, it’s enough; now, we can settle with this and enjoy our life with the benign nature ?

The vastness of our mind is so that at one perspective it will never stop for its craving for more and even more of everything. While on the other hand its beautiful perspective of mindfulness can satisfy it in the least of physical world’s pleasure, yet deriving abundance of satisfaction within and developing a bond of love and oneness with all the living beings and the elements of our own creation.

It’s pity to understand that the way our nations are building; portrayal of our future’s fate is sought only through the growth in economy & rise in GDP. In simplest words more money in every hand. But, can this be the sustainable truth, forever ? Would this money be able to save our life and that of our successors without pure oxygen to breathe, without pure water to drink, without any land for vegetation to grow, without existence of nature’s ecosystem ?

Everything I have portrayed above are the extreme of its own, but, at the crux, I just want to convey that with whatever we have now, thanking the creator for the same, can’t we just become conscious enough to stop our environment from further deterioration and protect it for our future generation.

After all, we all find peace of mind and vivaciousness only in the serene aura of mother nature; not in the jungle of skyscraper buildings.

nature-3602630_1920 (1)

‘Nature soothes every eye, refreshes every breathe, rejuvenates the body with energy and tranquilizes this mind to mindfulness.’

If you people also agree, we all must introspect our present lifestyle and try as much as possible to adopt the path of being an environmentalist in the protection of the solemn mother Earth.


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