Our kitchen wastes are valuable !!

Who does not love the sweet scent of soil soaked in the first rain ? Not just we human but all the living creatures do. Its something that realizes us how closely we are associated to the nature and its ever unfolding beauty & diversities.


Sadly, our quest for more comfort and more luxury has been furiously encroaching the treasure of nature and converting it into concrete based urbanized cities that keep pouring in tons and tons of wastes unconsciously into the nature.

Knowingly or unknowingly, we have been piling up heaps of wastes into landfills as our household wastes. But, it is an eye opener that our household wastes basically comprise of approx. 80% biodegradable waste, 15% recyclables and 5% sanitary wastes. Thus, we can avoid nearly 95% of our household wastes from going into landfills just by adopting basic waste segregation and composting method. The wet kitchen waste can be used in composting at individual level or also at community level as the conditions prevail. Both the ways, it turn out to be beautiful compost which creates a valuable soil amendment that provides the desired nourishment to plants grown on it.


As the popular phrase goes, ‘every drop makes an ocean’, it reverberates a lucid thought  that every individual at ground level must serve his responsibility towards nature by adhering to the simple ways we learnt in past years as innocent child and from the life’s experience.

I still remember the days from my childhood when we used to keep storing all the home recyclable wastes for selling to ‘kabadiwala’, a door to door visiting vendor who used to buy those wastes for some pennies. It was all fun and exciting stuff in those days. I never realized when I become so ignorant in last few years and kept my home waste going out without segregation and never stirred a thought about how did that waste ended up in the landfills or so. The non-biodegradable wastes, like plastics, glass, metal and other sophisticated man made materials do not get ingested by our earth and hence, they keep creating nuisance to the vulnerable creatures on land & water. The unsegregated wastes are source of pollution on land, air & water. The methane formation from the piles of such waste are uncontrollable and causes raise in green house gases and thus, contribute to global warming on earth.

Let’s again start the practice of waste segregation as we did in those childhood days. Further, being an adult now, let’s get going with composting of the biodegradable wastes, either at an individual level or at the community level.

Feel proud about your ways, your environment and the Earth.

Save Earth by being a conscious warrior of it !!

At the end, I take the privilege to wish you all a happy environment everyday.








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