A window in nature for raising her happier & healthier !!

It is not just a philosophical thought rather an enduring truth that for a mother her love for her child is that unconditional love which cannot be substituted by any other emotion in this universe.


For a mother her child’s smile can light a million lamps in her heart and her child’s sorrows can pierce her heart to bleed fiercely in pain. Everything about her child becomes her own in a rather profound way. Certainly for this reason, mothers are worshiped at par with god.

Having experiencing the ecstatic bond of motherhood with my child, now, my love, respect and obligation for my own mother and all the other mothers have leaped even higher.

On this platform of strong emotional connection, I am today putting forth a very essential topic which the new generation moms have unilaterally stopped practicing in the upbringing of their children. Before moving ahead, I must surrender that until a few months ago, under the influence of the strong social culture, I had also jumped on the bandwagon and was following the unhealthy practices blindfolded in the upbringing of my own daughter. Now, however, after rediscovering the true path, I am literally a happy mother of a happy and healthy toddler.

My simple question here is the answer itself :

Can you recall any instance when you had allowed your child to play earnestly in soil or mud, under the sun or rain, or even touch those grasses with her / his bare foot, until she / he was under your control, of course ?

From the prevailing culture, I understand, it might have rarely happened to any of us.

We try hard to bar our children from strengthening their instinctive connection with nature from the time of her / his birth. We keep scaring them with our baseless & sophisticated thoughts, calling the sacred soil as dust, drizzling rain as disease, mighty sun as sunburn and so on. Specially, in the urban lifestyle, we try choking our children with the charm of man-made luxuries & comfort, escaping them from the true pleasure of mingling with nature. But, what it earns is nothing good but more stress, more anxiety, more depression and more diseases.

When I was a child, I had ample time playing in soil, mud, bushes, grasses, flowers, trees etc., under the sun, rain and the fresh air. It might have been the story of many of us a few decades ago. The ultimate nostalgic memories from our childhood giggles and grumps in the nature are worthy to share. However, by jostling all these thoughts, I don’t intend to gasp our children to any undesirable or unfriendly atmosphere of today’s decade which has arisen unfortunately from our own troll for materialism. The race for which has turned to be a curse to the mother nature and our future generations too. Most residential hubs have scarcity of peaceful, serene and healthy atmosphere for carrying out morning walks, meditation, open space workouts, strolling young babies, recreation place for children etc. Under these circumstances, the gap between our future generation with the mother nature is widening dreadfully.

Thus, it is our responsibility to encourage our children for recreating this intricate bonding of love, care and respect for the mother nature once again, not just by preaching them good things about the nature but by letting the little amateur souls mingle with the nature’s beauty at all possible encounters. As imbibing this bond with nature will act as the ultimate cure for all the diseases, distress & depression in our children turned adults in the later years.

On the factual grounds as well, astonishingly the children having greater exposure to the microorganisms found in soil automatically develop better immune system and have lesser risk of chronic asthmatic or allergic disorders than the children living in utmost hygienic care and supervision.

Japanese research has also established it scientifically that human health can be uplifted to greater wellness by forest bathing; simple walk in jungle and exposure to the nature. The Japanese practice of forest bathing is proven to lower heart rate and blood pressure, reduce stress hormone production, boost the immune system, and improve overall feelings of wellbeing. This simple and ultimate reward of mingling with nature is truly mesmerizing and really effective in all respects.


I wish our children understand it to even greater depths and continue living amicably with the mother nature.

At the end, I present here an ode of joy for  rediscovering the unity with nature :

‘’Let them play through the day,

Let them fall over and crawl ,

Let them arise and have some ease,

Let them be happy &  healthy forever for life,

Under the umbrella of mother nature divine’’

Thank you and I wish you and your children to flourish with good health and happy minds forever.


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