My journey from fat to fit !!

Obesity is definitely unhealthy and at the same time not so fabulous in appearance. However, there is definitely a time in every woman’s life when she picks up weight, not unconsciously but by choice, i.e., when she owes a life inside her.

During my pregnancy phase, out of curiosity about my post baby body changes, I read a lot about pregnancy weight gain and its after effect on my body. However, from my experience, now, I can unwaveringly claim that there is nothing to worry about your much desired weight gain during that phase which is definitely required for developing a healthy baby inside.


I conceived my baby at 29 years of age and I was around 54 kgs at that time. During the whole span of pregnancy I gained around 10 kgs of additional weight which is considered quite healthy, neither, too inferior nor too obese. I was expecting a normal delivery, as I had been very active throughout my pregnancy and every single thing was in perfect order by god’s grace till the last moment of me in my delivery labor. However, somehow, my faith entailed a C-section on me at the last moment. Whatsoever, having my cute little angel on my side carried away all the pain and worries smilingly from my heart.


So, my baby delivery was an unexpected C-section and it is usually thought that women having C-section have greater extent of difficulty in dealing with weight loss afterwards. Despite having no different thought at that time with a little concern about my weight I still kept putting on some more weight for the first year after having my baby so as to amply breastfeed her during her first year of birth. After she became 1 year and few months old, I gradually stopped breastfeeding her and then, my obsession for weight loss started.


I read and listened a lot about weight loss everywhere and was determined to get back to my shape for slipping into my old jeans (yes, I was eager about it). When I went overweight  I used to feel bad about my look, I had not much choice of dressing in which I could flaunt feminism my way. I used to feel shallow and depressed at many occasions. So, once I became free from the natural urge of feeding my baby, I gradually & automatically declined my excessive food craving. My daily routine always included yoga pranayamas and light physical exercises throughout my pregnancy and after few months of my baby delivery also I quickly picked up my routine without fail.


Note: The most important factor in maintaining a proper weight according to one’s body mass index is not just doing exercises, yoga or workouts, but besides all these things our food intake plays vital role in leading a healthy body mass index.


It’s true that I am slack in nutrition counting in the food that I eat. I never happened to have interest in learning much in minute details about what food gives me what kind of nutrition and all. I understand very simple rules of thumb that I need energy from food, I need seasonal fruits and veggies to look plump, I need the food that is available in the local market to avoid food that are loaded with unfriendly toxins, I need good organic food to keep my gut happy. Besides this, by choice, I have quit spicy, oily, processed & preserved food from my routine diet. However, occasionally I have them as cheat food where I can’t avoid them.


The second most important factor that I bow by is the old adage which goes like ‘breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper’. I swear that from the time I have started following this adage, my weight is in control without much effort. Many times we encounter very good messages through social media and just let it pass over, or to maximum we forward it to our loved ones (lol !!, but we forget implementing it in our own life). However, I took it in a serious note and its paying me off with a healthy waistline.


The third thing that I did in last two consecutive years is I successfully carried out GM diet plan twice. It is basically a week program which helps flushing the digestive tract of its unwanted stuff that remains there during digestion of food and keeps adding the undesired weight and toxins in the system. Thus, GM diet plan helps in detoxifying our digestive system & definitely helps in reducing weight by good digits. After I finished GM diet plan, initially I did not notice any change in my weight though I was feeling much lighter and my tummy also went nicely in. However, immediately after the passage of another week I noticed I had lost 4 kgs of weight to my surprise.


As I have already talked about my routine, I do yoga pranayamas, light body exercises and from last six months I have added some core exercises for tightening my core muscles. It’s working great and I am happy about my overall look now. So this was all about my imperative weight loss journey.


If by any chance I happen to inspire my fellow ladies, I would just say that you are beautiful, you are kind, you are generous, you are strong; now, just show some generosity to yourselves, show some love to yourself and be strong for your own happiness.


I end here with this nice quote that I found on the Internet :

‘’Never sacrifice three things: Your family, Your heart and Your dignity.’’
Thank you & keep rocking !!



One thought on “My journey from fat to fit !!

  1. Very nice bindu…inspiring….i also the same thinking…it seems my thoughts have found words…love ur writing…well done.


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