Because we deserve happy periods !!

This year for the first time in the history of Bollywood, a movie depicted the nuisance and discomfort women are facing during menstruation, especially in a rural lifestyle. The movie earned worldwide accolade, as it sought to erase the social taboo on the natural phenomenon of menstruation and talked about menstrual hygiene in females. The movie also promoted usage of sanitary pads over the cloths for betterment in female hygiene and period during those days. I personally appreciate such great motives to educate the society through entertainment resources as these are the most reached public platforms these days.

Just around the rumors of release of the movie, I was pretty excited to enhance my awareness on the latest developments held towards menstrual hygiene and the latest products available in the market to deal with these nasty and unavoidable natural cycles in females. There, for the first time I came across the menstruation cups. This wonderful cup, I consider, as one of the genius product available in the market for female well being as well as for environment protection.

Before diving into my experience of using these cups, I thought to plunge into my childhood memories of toiling with menstruation. I still remember the whole episode of my first menstruation which straddled on me like a nightmare when I was just 13 years of age. My mother, then, instructed and guided me about using the sanitary pads. Besides she also gave me cotton cloth pieces to handle the excessive blood discharge. I neither, liked the pad, nor, the cloths, as both troubled my freedom, psychologically and physically. The pads, to some extent gave relief from the other legitimate troubles inherent to the usage of cotton cloths, like, cleaning & drying of the used clothes, nasty blood smell & sometimes, even chance of leakage in public. Even today, some cheap sanitary pads are still prone to cause smell and despite, all the promises of being leak-proof, it can still cause the disaster during heavy flow days. Besides, the disposal/ dumping of such sanitary pads (which contains silica gel to enhance its absorptivity) is as worse as disposal of plastics in environment. Thus, by switching from cloth to gel based pads, we are pacing up degrading our environment & its balance.

Now, coming upon to the real topic of menstruation cups and its usage. Here, I will talk about my experience of using these cups in my last six cycles of menstruation. When I discovered the option of using such cup as a replacement of pads (tampons are also available in market, but, I have never used it), I got curious about the pros & cons of using them. I explored the internet and found it to be an awesome option above anything and everything existing to deal with this natural issue. Whenever I have used it, whether it was my second day (heaviest flow day) or seventh day (minimal flow, mostly considered as the last day), I carried it with real ease and also it never let me even realize that I was bleeding. Totally free from period odor, psychologically free from anything happening down there, easy to dispose (you just need to dispose the blood, clean it & wear it back), long lasting (depending upon the brand, a cup can last for up to 10 years of time span) & thus, really very cost effective and last, but not the least, it is safe to the environment as during our whole span of menstruation nothing bad is being disposed into the environment.
To know more about menstruation cup; how to use it, how to take care of it for reuse etc., just click on the wiki link.
Just for more detail, on how to use a menstrual cup, I have shared the youtube video which I found most apt for learning how to use it.

Despite, having tremendous benefits over sanitary pads or tampons, the popularity / awareness of this product is limited to mere few internet surfers. Because of the long life of the product, the saleability / profitability of selling this product through television advertisement is not done, thus, the link between seller & consumer is very feeble. But it’s easily available in most of the online shopping websites. I would recommend buying reputed makes only as it is concerned with our hygiene.

I have become a big fan of these incredible cups and I wish, if I could influence my soul sisters to give a chance to this amazing alternative, care for them as well and enjoy lending their proud hands in saving the environment with this small, but an impactful cause altogether.

Thumbs up to all the gorgeous ladies. We all rock !!

Thank you.

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