An oath for mother nature !!

Once I was conversing with my friend over phone and I said I live in “anonymous” place and spontaneously she replied, oh, shit, you live in a village. For a moment, I went numb and then I meekly replied what exactly my place is all about.




Some people don’t just disrespect village but, also discern some not so popular cities as village, as if they mean it as some uncivilized / uncultured place to live in. Very pity !! I don’t understand what is so wrong about the village that most white collared people underestimate and hesitate connecting to ??

When I was pretty young (may be around 4 or 5 years old), I had the opportunity to live in Pokhara, Nepal in my parent’s abode that had thatched roof, attic loaded with harvested grains, walls made up of boulder stones, a small cattle cottage with couple of cows & calves,  beautiful heaps of straw piled in cone shapes in front of the house, big field adjacent to the house with flourishing crops & vegetation and so many majestic trees & plants overshadowing the house.

My childhood memories of the time I spent in my ancestral village are nostalgic and mesmerizing. I still have distinguished taste of so many godly fruits and nuts, I had tasted in those days and I still miss gorging on them ever so badly. The air, water, soil and sky in the village have special beauty than a so called sophisticated city.

I hope you can understand what big difference we miss in a city from a village.

I am happy that my career also drove me to a place, which is still in green belt of the country. At least I am breathing much fresher air than those living in a metropolitan city. At least I can see some greenery around and feel good about my cognizant nature. At least I am getting some fresh fruits and vegetables from the nearby villages which are free from harmful pesticides and chemicals. At least I am reaching my home in 5 minutes from office, crashing the city traffic. At least I am safe from the mockery of life that is impossible to avoid had I been living in a metro city.

It is saddening that our living, our occupation, our every step towards civilization and development have altogether trapped us in the culture of exploiting the nature and ruling over it without conscience of the ultimate disaster we would be landing upon. We are cutting down trees for human colonization, devastating the homes of many creatures and wondering why they are extincting, engulfing serene green villages for expanding cities, polluting and exploiting every natural resource and water reservoir for generating more of our livelihood goods, littering toxic chemicals, non-biodegradable and harmful things everywhere in the nature and seeking cure for the diseases we have invited ourselves; it’s a pathetic cycle of disaster human beings have cursed on this nature and apparently on every creature of this planet, including self.


Freedom Island Waste Clean-up and Brand Audit in the Philippines


I understand it’s time to open our eyes and start curing the mother nature’s wounds; because as she heals through, all our troubles will vanish. Earth will again be blessed with its sanctity and revived to its poise serenity.

‘’She is the epitome of love, care, teachings, sacrifice and divinity.

She has been withered, slashed, wounded and diseased for deriving me comfort.

Her nectar of sanctity has been poisoned for deriving me comfort.

She is screaming, moaning and weeping in pain for deriving me comfort.’’


A very humble request to all the mindful readers to please put all possible efforts in real life to curb mother nature from further exploitation. Our steps may seem small in our life, but together as a society, as a nation and as the world, it will definitely have wider and impactful positive change.


‘’Even if, I find myself alone in the crowd, I will not deflect. I will follow my strive for curing and nourishing my mother nature from the malignant condition. ‘’


We are the proud daughters / sons of the proud mother ‘NATURE’.


Thank you and a heartfelt happy environment day in advance !!

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