Munch it mindfully !!

This article is all about the food we munch as the input to our body for deriving necessary energy and nutrition to withstand a healthy and good lifestyle.


In our generation, a very special attention has been drawn towards the food we eat, by the researchers and scientists, making this simple & modest ritual, a complex and sophisticated everyday goal. It has blend into our thoughts so vigorously that, even subconsciously we keep tracking our food intakes through various indices, ensuring our body’s need for so and so vitamins, minerals, protein, calcium, iron and many other essential ingredients is met to keep our system working at its full potential. Our great grandparents might have found such awkwardly bothering food or nutrition tracking, absolutely ridiculous, isn’t it ??

Very recently, this curious thought struck my mind that, is there really a difference between human body features (flesh, blood, bones, spleen, hair, eyes, ears, nails, respiratory organs, digestive organs, reproductive organs etc.) from that of an animal (especially, vertebrates, as we are also vertebrates), such as cow, dog, cat, chimpanzee or say, a lion ?? Fundamentally, I would say ‘no’.

My another big question is, why is it so that in a wildlife, a cow (wildebeest) which feeds only on grass, a dog which feeds only on bones, a cat which feeds only on meat of rodents, a chimpanzee which feeds only on fruits & herbs and a lion, in my example, which feeds only on flesh of its prey animals in its forest kingdom, do not suffer from anything like, malnutrition or deficiency of so-called minerals or vitamins, despite, their cleaving to only limited & specific food course throughout their life ??

We humans, being the most intelligent creature on this planet have explored and exploited everything so much that it never felt alien to crave on any nonsense thing, exclaiming how profoundly it added to our body’s nutrition demand. Yes, it is true that the things we have added in particular proportions (knowingly or unknowingly) into our diet have definitely given our body’s requirement an extra boost, but, do you know why it is so ??

Answer to this question is an eye opener !!

“The five life ingredients of our body are water (72%), earth (12%), air (5%), fire (2%) and space (remaining), balancing these ingredients can bring great health in opulence.”

It’s a well established fact that our physical and mental entities are made up of five basic elements, i.e., water, earth, fire, air and space. Thus, when we feed our body and mind with the derivatives from this earth, water, fire, air and space, in the proportions as we are made up of, it adorns us ecstatically.

However, my lucid thought goes like, even, if we simply crave on, say, for example, vegetation; we can fortify every single cell of our anatomy without depriving it of its needed life ingredients, for sure.

I read in school days that vegetation are the first source of nutrients on this planet as it is the only living thing which can directly, convert sunlight (fire), carbon dioxide (air), water & soil (earth) into energy, glucose and oxygen through the process called photosynthesis. Plants and its derivatives, come at the very bottom of food hierarchy and thus, are the most purest form of needed energy & nutrients for human and herbivorous animals. The carnivorous animals, however, are genetically dependent on the flesh of herbivorous, omnivorous and other carnivorous animals for the needed energy & nutrients (forming their body).

This might sound funny, but, it is absolutely true that have had these animals also got chance to switch to enormity of food substitutes, other than what they mindfully chew in their ecosystem, they would have still grown the same way, they are growing, now.

Gautam Budha, during his journey to enlightenment under the bodhi tree, used to feed his body with just a handful of rice ball with sesame salt, sometimes, only milk, sometimes, just wild fruits. I have quoted this instance of holy Budha, just to awaken this very thought that it is not just about gobbling the unlimited abundance of varieties available on this planet, but, it is about the mindful chewing of food, derived from this nature which will replenish and build this body from the nature’s pure ingredients from which it (our body) is made.

Dear mindful readers, please don’t just consider it as a piece of article, but, try witnessing  mindfulness for the humanity and other creatures on this planet, by real mindful chewing of the food.

An extract from Thich Nhat Hanh’s book – Old path white clouds :

“All living beings fear death. As we cherish our own lives, we should cherish the lives of all other beings. Not only should we refrain from taking human life, we should strive to avoid taking the lives of other species. We must live in harmony with people, animals and plants. If we nourish a heart of love, we can reduce suffering and create a happy life.’’

A thought poured in my mind :


“The savory to your tongue, might be the corpse of a poor species that wanted to live its term.’’

Thank you all !!


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