The Human incarnation !!

In the era of science and technology, when someone speaks or emphasizes more on magic, superstition, god or any such power, people consider him / her as foolish or psychic. In general, we intend to rely on the physical or tangible aspects of analogies, keeping very meager or almost nil awareness about the spatial power we behold within ourselves.


The perplexity of the complex lifestyle has trapped us so badly that we have forgotten the serenity of living consciously and mindfully. Everyone is behind something; busy in the rat race for more from what they inherit. In the process, humanity has drained its instinct of self awareness and is drowning even deeper in the fuss of materialistic charm and delusions of the physical world.

Every single human being should realise that this life as a human is the most wonderful thing happened to one and all of us. This is the most superior and powerful form of life, existing on this planet (can’t say about the universe). Whether, we are a god believer or an atheist, but, once we believe in ourselves and seek the perpetual path to realize the abundant latent capability we acquire within; then and there, every impossible looking thing becomes ‘’I am possible’’. We are often astound and spellbound to watch many people doing incredible things which are beyond our imaginations. The world and even this universe are filled with inventions and incredible adventurous things, undoubtedly accomplished by man with his focussed mind integrated with the profound soul go onto unilaterally establish the supernatural powers of this incarnation.

“Imagine with your mind, believe with your heart and achieve with your action.”


Thus, I bet, it is not just an empty proclamation, rather, it is the sole truth that we all are the treasure houses of incredible possibilities but somehow fogged up by the dwindling thoughts of body and mind.

Once, our mind, our emotions, our beliefs, our actions and our body become focussed in one direction, then, no power in this universe can stop us from attaining any goal or dream from coming true.

‘’A focussed mind, body and soul, can tap anything and everything from the universe.’’

Human body is the supreme creation on this planet, blessed with the genius mind; and the soul that lives in this body & mind, is that pranic energy which keeps us alive and agile. The soul manifests the beauty of this body, the aroma of this being, the very life into existence and the immensity of possibilities to live in this body.

‘’This body is borrowed from nature, so when we leave, it has to be returned back to nature. Body is a commodity, soul is what we are. So, polish your soul not the body.’’


‘’The soul is anonymous, pure, subtle, divine and the ultimate existence; sheltered within this pretentious physical bodily enclosure. Understanding, realising and building our identity with this soul will maneuver the humanity towards serenity of life, harnessing the glory of being the superhuman from each individual, making the world an even better place to live.


In the tenure of our life, we keep mending the external outlook and forget to replenish the pious soul within. We have given the five senses of physical awareness so much importance that the real realms of our sensibility have disappeared.

Rejuvenate and empower the soul to awaken the province of human prodigiousness.

My best wishes to all incredible gems of this universe for a definite better, brighter and boisterous life ahead.

Thank you all !!

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