The mini skirt syndrome

I am a female. I represent a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a friend and nearly half the population of this world. I know that I am tenderer and, ofcourse, physically weaker than my male counterpart, but does it mean that men are authorized to dominate us with their power, menacing our existence at stake??


We are also human beings with the same flesh and blood. Our emotions, intelligence and beauty are god gifted attributes and thus, it should be respected with grace and reverberance by the opposite gender.


However, we are deeply shocked and saddened to see the cruelty, women, female children and even infants are subjected to in today’s era of so called civilized and educated society. Newspapers are filled with disturbing news of women abuse, harassment, torment and merciless murder by the pervert men.

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So here I throw questions about what exactly causes such undignified and unwanted interferences with females by the opposite gender.


What exactly is the root cause of all these sexual harassment, physical torture, rape and even, murder of females?


Is it so that when a woman wears a mini skirt, shorts, tights or anything which shows off her god gifted natural body, she becomes vulnerable to the unethical & skeptical people?


With the rapid growth of industrialization, liberalization and urbanization, our country and its people have had shown great inclination towards the western culture and also welcomed the western dressing sense as an alternative choice. Men have moved from dhoti kurtas to Pants, shirts, blazer, shorts and blah-blah. So has the dressing sense in women shifted to jeans, tops, shirts, shorts, minis etc. This shift has come over a period of time, so, by such a long time, the mentality should have evolved for both of them. But, pathetically, the superior male adopted the change for them very delightfully but, even today, finds it really difficult to accept any change in their cultural ethics, when it is thought for women. A section of such self claimed ethical men, perceived it as if the modern women are the disease to this society contaminating former’s mind with lust and other criminal motives.


So, the other way round, can we say that if a woman is nicely dressed in the traditional attire, she becomes absolutely safe from the lust of these pervert men?


If it was so, then, why are there so many incidents of rape of even infants, young children and the elderly women happening, every now and then ?


Now, if we think deeply, it is not just about our dressing, but it is, about our way of talking, about our laughing, about our being friendly, about our being innocent; about our being a female.


We must not blame every other man standing out there, but if such crimes are happening, then, we can say there exists a section of psychic men who intend to wither our existence from the society. They seek every ugly reason for ruling over their own soul companion, soul mother, soul sister and soul daughter.


I keep the gut to state here that even if we wear something or nothing, the affinity of male towards female or vice versa, will always be there, due to the law of attraction. It is the persona of that particular person, how he or she reacts being a human. For creating logical relationship, we tie knot with one person and stay with them in life long relationship. Now, if we intend to stay natural & adapted to the changing culture, it is the perspective of the individual, how he or she reacts to the situation.


This is absolutely normal, if we get attracted towards the opposite gender. But, the ethics bind us from indulging in the unwanted situation. Thus, anyone can develop affinity, attraction, love, liking for the other person but it should be in the limits of his or her ethical acceptability.


A final note to all the readers….


Every home, every lane, every society is responsible for the menace happening to the women. We all must teach our sons as equally as we do to our daughters about the change, accepting the change, widening the perspective of living with equality, with gratitude and compassion for all.


Thank you all for keeping up with me. Stay blessed, happy and spread happiness around the world !!

2 thoughts on “The mini skirt syndrome

  1. Bindu, I knew as a good engineer. It gives me immense pleasure to note you are quite apt in expressing your meaningful thoughts so candidly. Keep writing and nurture the habbit


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