Water therapy…

A time came in my life where I had to live away from my family to pursue my career, it’s then in 2008 and I felt like a new bud with no idea of managing my routine all by myself. As concerned as my family were for me, I too was quite worried, but with courage and little excitement, I was all set to get on with this new phase of my life.


My new profound confidence could only help me manage my few initial months, thanks to my friend-base who greatly helped me in all aspects. I got a good friend circle to pass the time with, nice profession to learn a lot from and a hostel where I could feel comfortable.

Everything was just going perfect until the day we were asked to vacate the hostel as the company’s policy provided the accommodation only for first six months.

I got into a separate accommodation and was trying to get my life back on track. However, as days passed by, I soon realized that my life’s routine has taken a toll on itself and so did my eating habits.

“The five life ingredients of our body are water (72%), earth (12%), air (5%), fire (2%) and space (remaining), balancing these ingredients can bring great health in opulence.”

To balance my work life, I had to heavily depend on office canteen for my breakfast and lunch. The difficulty arose for dinner as I had no choice than to cook supper for myself.

My experience with cooking was very amateur as I was never into handling kitchen chores. Thanks to my mom who always took care of me by serving delicious and tastiest delicacies back during my school and college days, but little did I know then that this could turn up to be a bad landing for me.

At that time, though I pretended to manage my eating habits, but deep down in my mind I subconsciously knew that something is just not going right. As much as I missed my family, I missed home cooked food.

The situation worsened to a point wherein I had to satisfy myself by just eating plain rice with half cooked vegetables. Sometimes noodles would suffice my hunger and most of the times, eating outside with friends had become an excuse to get rid of my appetite.

With little exposure towards cooking, one could easily find me navigating through the cooking videos on YouTube in my free time.

While I was just coping up with my cooking skills and eating habits, laundry work and housekeeping was another hectic task that consumed most of my time. Amidst all these activities, managing my work life was another important aspect that I had to give attention to. Not much to say, I was drained and stressed both physically and mentally as my health was slowly deteriorating due to which I felt weak and lethargic in whatever things I was trying to do. Back at home, my mom also could feel that there is something wrong with me whenever I spoke to her.

I felt that my body was just waiting for the wake up call to alert me for all the wrong eating habits and taking my health for granted.

The wake up call finally came in 2011 winter when I had my first severe cold along with rigorous cough due to which I could not sleep properly at nights.

I visited the nearest doctor for medication and I got cured for good.

But very soon, it so happened that with every change in weather, I started to have blocked nose and coughing problem intermittently. I wasn’t hesitant to accept the fact that my immunity had deteriorated in the past few years. Regular visits to the clinics and hospitals had become a part of my regime. Unfortunately, a day came which left me shocked and disheartened when the doctor claimed me to be asthmatic and prescribed me an inhaler. I used to break down emotionally every time I used inhaler to cure myself.

My mother-in-law insisted me not to use inhaler at such an young age and in turn suggested me to start breathing exercises (Pranayaam, Kapal bharti, Anulom vilom etc.).

During my childhood days I had already heard a lot about the benefits of yoga and breathing techniques, but could not really practice it. I was either being quite ignorant towards yoga or didn’t have much patience to inculcate it in my routine.

But, now, since my health was at stake, I decided to meticulously start practicing breathing exercises especially in the mornings.

Initially I had difficulties in maintaining a strict schedule, but very soon I realised that doing yoga indeed imparted some benefits in my health state. After few weeks I started enjoying yoga. But, I could not come out of the shackles of respiratory disorders (acute coughing and congestion in chest during the cold strokes). I explored internet for home remedies and continued yoga with days passed into weeks and weeks into months.

Therein, one day in 2013, I finally saw a ray of hope of curing my respiratory problem when I came across a post about the benefits of drinking water as the first thing in the morning.

After reading the article, I was very happy and feeling positive towards it as the article claimed that most of the respiratory problems get cured by just drinking water early in the morning.

I already knew that during ancient times in India and also, at present, our elderly people would start their day by drinking 3-4 glasses of water stored overnight in copper vessel. Never did I give a thought to it as why was that so. But after reading the article, I was all pumped up to immediately start building this habit of drinking min. 2 glasses of water just after I wake up. Down after few months as seasons changed, I realized that my cold, cough and breathing problem have gone away for good and I have become totally immune to any weather conditions.

As the saying goes, “Time is the mother of all needs”, the very TIME eventually taught me some good lessons about managing my household work wisely and to NEVER ever take health for granted.

“Everyday I drink water just after waking up in the morning. To my amusement I cured my prolonged asthma, my nagging cold and cough. Happy me, wants you all to be happier. Balance your water tattva, it works in every way.”

Besides, following all the aforesaid practices, I have good home cooked meals thrice a day (yeah, I have mastered cookery now and can proudly say that I cook nearly as good as my mother) and ample green vegetables and fruit are always a part of my diet.

Trust me guys this has turned to be a miracle to me. I shared it with my family, my friends and now, with you all, the lovely readers. Please do abide by this wise practice and avoid impairing the body immune system by dosing it with medicines, every time.

Wish you all a very happy and healthy life.

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