A wake up call !!

‘’Every new morning brings, new opportunity, new enthusiasm, new hope in our life to restart fresh.’’

After attaining the 30s, I have become a little more concerned about my health and well being. Towards this drive to support my new profound thought, I have become a morning lover. I have nurtured a zeal in me to wake up early in the morning that too in the most auspicious time (as per Hindu mythology), i.e., at 4 am. The benefits of waking up at such an early hour definitely have proved to be tremendously working in my favour. Be it in the health front, time management or mood throughout the day, everything have been uplifted and I could easily differentiate  from the past experiences.


Now, first of all let me just disclose the mantra behind this powerful source of drive that has kept me going on and on without failing on any single day. During childhood, I heard from my yoga teacher about the power of one’s subconscious mind. As an example, he simply used to say, make a vivid request to yourself at night for waking up at some time and surely, your subconscious mind will let you wake up at that sharp time without fail. I had also tried it at those times and it had always worked for me. But I never happened to latch much into the reasons, why and how’s of it. Now, as a grown up woman I am much into it and I have realized the true power of one’s own inner power, i.e., the power of our own subconscious mind. It is truly amazing and mesmerizing. I will talk about it in detail in my coming post. But in this context, I would only say just trust in yourself and get into the queue of becoming a morning enthusiast rather than a nocturnal being.

For keeping the spark on, you may at first consider it for some really alluring reason, be it your passion of good health, be it your call to establish balance between routine work & profession or be it just for self realization. Once you are onto it, missing a morning breeze is out of question.

So, when you will start this agile culture in your daily routine, you will earn plenty of time beforehand, ample fresh air of the morning, boost in your energy, happy mood and good health in total. This is really not less than a magic or a blessing to all of us from morning.

‘’The magnificent blue sky, the innocent swiftly birds, the green gigantic trees, fill my vision every morning with gratification and immense unconditional happiness.’’

The culture of waking up early in the morning was very much there in every tradition. The magnificent rewards of it were enjoyed by our ancestors, very well. However, the drastic shift in our work ethics and lifestyle have abstained our generation from this agile & auspicious culture. Now, if we thrive to boon our coming generations with good health, good mind and a conscious soul, we must again begin the morning culture in every house. Our children are the future of this planet. Preserving and nourishing them through the best is our responsibility.

‘’Under the dusky sky, just before the dawn, wrapped in the freshness of misty breeze, it is amazing to mingle with nature in its purest form.’’

So, here I have jotted some of the ultimate benefits that could be reaped from being a morning enthusiast:

  1. One may be a homemaker, a working professional with children, a college goer, an elderly person or anybody. By getting up early in the morning, we can very easily manage and plan through the daily chores of our routine and still get ample free time for ourselves.
  2. Meditation in the utter silence of morning is benevolent for mental well being. For physical benefits, one can spend time doing YOGA. The benefits of yoga is not a mystery anymore.
  3. Go for morning walk – Besides of all the advantages that we derive from morning walks, another health factor that gets added to the list is that we give our lungs a chance to rejuvenate itself by taking in the most pure and fresh air which now, only exists early in the morning.
  4. How many times have we been lectured by our teachers and parents to study early in the morning? Our ancestors have always believed that whatever is studied in the early dawn hours remains in the memory more vividly and stands for longer time. It’s a scientifically proven fact that our concentration level is at its peak during the early morning hours. Hence, by giving a tap on our back to wake up early in the morning will boost our intellectual level and also invariably help us harness a better life ahead.
  5. We can connect more with nature in the morning aura. We all know that our existence is only because of the existence of this nature. So the creation of bonding with nature is utterly important for one and all of us. It is believed that we are formed of five elements of this universe, i.e.,  water, air, fire, soil and space/ sky/ cosmos. Thus, establishing connection with our own constituents in its most pure and fresh form in the morning, evokes true health and well being within us.
  6. Honing one’s passion will be much effortless and soothing in the morning atmosphere. We could deliver our best imaginable form during this time. Thus, practicing our favorite stroke may lead to ultimate desired success in our life.
  7. Spiritual aspect of oneself can be satisfied in true sense in the morning. Prayers and worships can be delivered in full concentration and devotion. Prayers produce positive frequency in our lives which can be cultivated for the goodness of self and others.
  8. Morning habit rewards us with good and revived health. Whatever, our age may be, we will be rejuvenated and energized by the morning culture. As we all have heard, ‘health is wealth’, mornings prove to be the ultimate key to good health for all of us.
  9. Once we have a good health, we can strive for anything in this universe. Success, love, peace, happiness will bloom on us.

I can only say just follow your heart and choose the most apt path for yourself.

Love you all and my best wishes for a great health, happiness and success in your lives.

‘’Tendering the blooming flowers every morning, fills my heart with joy, love, compassion and even stronger respect for the mother nature.’’

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