Key to happiness

Happiness is something that all of us wish to adorn throughout our life. There is hardly any moment, we ever get exhausted by it. It is something, we wish to treasure and keep surrounded us with.

So, what does it really take to spark the happy moment?

Is this all about the acquaintance of surroundings one holds, the circle of people one mingles with, the society were the individual is brought up or the country one belongs to?

Most of the times we try to seek happiness from the events occurring around us. However, little do we realize that these circumstances are way beyond our control and realm of events surrounding us. This is the sole reason that people who derive happiness from these materialistic situations / events are usually naive and their happiness is very short lived.

Even when the surroundings are in our favor, sometimes it is found utterly difficult to reap happiness from those moments that could last for longer period.

So if we analyze in depth, then, it can be said that the definition of happiness might vary from person to person, but the root cause of distress is quite similar. The cliche to non existing thoughts of past over the present and the cliche to external factors more than the know-how of one’s own inner self, creep over life so largely that it over shadow the profoundness of this life.   

With the steady state of mind, content and contemplated approach towards life, the never ending source of happiness, pleasure and joy can be harnessed from this life.

Throbbing into past thoughts every now and then, should be eliminated from one’s life. Distressing the mind on the influence of external factors shall be put to siege. The strive should be to enhance deeper bond with the inner self.  

This I believe is the key to never ending source of happiness. Cheers for the happiness in your lives!!!

‘Harmonious alliance with your own self can bring the never ending affluence of blissfulness in your life.’

‘Learn from the past experiences, live in the melody of present and hone your future for the best possibility.’

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